Does a sleeping leg cause blood clots

Patient: Fell asleep on the couch for 45 minutes in a weird position – woke up with full left leg asleep with pins/needles/numbness since it was bent under me. Question is – can this cause a blood clot in my leg?

Symptoms: Leg fell asleep

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Sitting in the same position for a long time can cause sluggish blood flow but not blood clot. The cause for your synptoms is due to numbness, the cause being lack of movement leading to accumulation of blood and lymphatic fluid in the extermeties. However, if you are extremely obese and have risk factors for a deep vein thrombosis then same position as little as 45 minutes can trigger a blood clot. Sitting or sleeping in a same position for many days like in post operative patients, bed ridden people and obesity, smokers can caise blood clots. Ambulate well and the symptoms will reduce. If not see a physician for an opinion on this.Hope this helped.Regards,