Does defective sperm cause birth defects

Patient: My husband has been diagnosed with triple sperm defect and vitamens recommended did not change the results when tested again. We’d like to continue trying to conceive but have found mixed information on defective sperm. Does bad sperm cause birth defects? Sperm analysis results are as follows: Volume-4.6 Concentration-9.2 Motality-36% Quality-13% Morphology-1% Thanks for your time.

Doctor: From your husbands semen analysis I notice that he has a decreased sperm motility as well as morphology count. This may indicate morphological( structural) problems with the sperms and also issues with their motility. While this may not cause birth defects it may lead to issues with infertility as the sperms are unable to and /or have a decreased capacity to fertilize the egg.There are other different methods which can be employed in case of prolonged infertility like IVF. You may consider following up with your physician regarding the same.