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Does exercise affect blood vessels and lower the blood pressure?

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How does exercise affect the arteries or blood vessels and lower high blood pressure


  The exercise has many beneficial effects over the heart and blood vessels, including improvement in cholesterol and lipid levels and keeping blood vessels flexible and open; this ensures adequate blood flow and normal blood pressure. Persons who lead an active lifestyle have 45% lower risk of get heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends perform moderate-intense (walking, jogging from 2 to 12 miles/day) for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. Also Yoga and Tai-Chi may lower blood pressure almost as well as moderate-intense aerobic exercises. It is very important if you have existing high blood pressure you should discuss the exercise program with your doctor, and control your blood pressure with medications before starting to exercise. You should avoid coffee, because caffeine increase heart rate, also try to breathe normally during the exercise because holding the breath tends to increase blood pressure as well.

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