Does hernia cause infertility?

Patient: I’m just wondering if hernia cause infertility? I had mine since I was a kid but I didn’t know what it is until I reached at the age of 20, now I am 25. When I went to the hospital to have it checked the doctor said it’s already big, like a tennis ball. I’m not an athlete and my job doesn’t involve heavy weight lifting.

Symptoms: hernia

Doctor: Inguinal hernia by itself rarely causes any fertility problems. In case of any hernia surgery, there is a chance however of damage to the vas deferens I.e. the tube carrying the sperm. Also in some cases of incarcerated hernias the blood supply to the testes may be compromised leading to permanent damage causing infertility.I believe you have an uncomplicated hernia as your doctor would have mentioned it otherwise. From fertility point of view, you can rest assured but it may not entirely be a good idea to neglect a big hernia for too long.