Does Implanon have less bleeding irregularities?

Patient: I have tried depo provera as a birth control and I acted horribly to it. The doctor said I would become regular within a year and so I kept it. After a year nothing really changed and I would get my period for 3mths straight and then be off for another three months. I have given up on it, and I’m looking for another method like the implanon. Is it likely that I’ll have the same problem since both use the same hormone?

Doctor: You may be fine with one type of contraceptive pill as opposed to the other. Individual response to hormonal contracepti on varies with the type, amount of hormone supplied, duration and reaction of your body to these hormones. You may try implanon, which is effective for 3 years once implanted and can be removed at any time in between if you do not wish to continue with contraception. Due to the low and steady hormone delivery, implanon has fewer hormonal ups and downs, however there are chances (may be less severe due to low and steady supply of the hormone) that your periods may still be irregular and lighter, or even heavier at times.