Does it hurt to lose your virginity if you have a foreskin

Patient: Does it hurt to lose your virginity if you have a foreskin and will the friction made by the foreskin brake a condom cause like I’m 17 and like obviously think about it when I talk to my girlfriend and with my last girlfriend we were doing hand stuff and I g a friction burn on my foreskin so I just thought what if that little thing tears that attachs the head to the foreskin (it looks like the thing under the tongue) so will my first time hurt

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your neatly put in have put up the history very systematically and it is really good to kn ow that you are aware of the problems.Th thread is called a frenulum and yes it does tear in some cases. But no one really get a bid problem except for a few that may need a stitch to stop the bleeding.Since you got the friction burn on your prepuce skin on hand job, I would advise you the following:You should consult a General Surgeon for clinical examination to get to know whether some exercise will cure your problem or you need to undergo a small procedure to remove the foreskin called circumcision and do a frenuloplasty so that your further problem is solved in advance.I hope this answer guides you through a proper way to get rid of your problem and have a good sex-life.