Does it sound like I could be pregnant?

Patient: My last period was December 1 and ended December 6. My boyfriend and I had sex on the 12 and 13 of December. We used a condom. After sex, he still had the condom on because he went soft, and I was rubbing on him. When I pulled away, the condom came off. The only thing that would’ve been in the condom was pre cum, because he didn’t ejaculate. I’m not sure when it came off, or how close my vagina (hole) was to his head. We just had sex a couple minutes ago, and when I wiped my vagina off there was light blood mixed with discharge. Could this be implantation bleeding from the previous day’s we’ve had sex, or is it too early for that? When we had sex on the 12&13, my vagina kinda hurt because it was dry and felt raw. Could the bleeding be from then since its been a while after we’ve had sex? He fingered me just now before we had sex too, and maybe his nails could’ve cut my uterus? I’m on birth control tri cyclen low, and have been on it for 5 months, without ever missing a pill or taking it late. When me and my boyfriend have sex, we always use a condom, and it never broke. So could I be pregnant? Thanks.

Symptoms: Light pink blood/discharge from vagina after sex

Doctor: HiThanks for the query.I would like to answer your questions one by one.Is it an implantation bleeding that you ha ve had?No, an implantation bleeding occurs much later after an intercourse, it does not happen the very next day of the sexual intercourse.Could the bleeding be due to a long break between sexual activities?Yes, it could be a possibility. Sometimes due to dryness and reduced local secretions before sexual intercourse, there could be lack of lubrication causing friction between tissues, leading to break in small capillaries or vessels causing local trauma which presents as bleeding, spotting or a reddish blood tinged discharge.Could the nails during fingering hurt the uterus?No, the nails cannot reach up to uterus, but they can cause local trauma to vaginal tissue and cause bleeding.Could there be a chance of pregnancy?Remember no contraceptive method can prevent a pregnancy 100%.There is very little chance of pregnancy, less than one percent in your case as you have been regular on birth control pills, and also used a condom.Kindly do a beta h CG test done by 25 th of December which would rule out the chances of pregnancy. In case that is not possible, wait for your next cycle, if you miss your cycle and get delayed by a week or more, kindly do a urine pregnancy test and act accordingly.Hope my answers helped you.Regards