Does Plan B work on women that weight 170 pounds?

Patient: I had sex during my period and the condom broke, so the next day I took the plan b pill. I was expecting my period as schedule but nothing, I took the pregnancy test and came back negative. Its been a week since and still no period and the pregnancy test is still negative. I weight 170 pounds and I don’t know if the pill really worked on me, because I have been reading that the pill don’t work on women that weight over 165 pounds.

Symptoms: Itchy nipples and a little cramping

Doctor: Hello,It is advised that you should wait for atlas 7-10 days after the plan b intake to allow the withdrawal bleed to initiate itself. If it doesn’t, then a a serum beta hcg test should be done after 7 days of intercourse to check for hcg levels . If the hcg levels re raised then pregnancy is confirmed , but if they are less than 1 , pregnancy is ruled out completely.Once pregnancy is ruled out, then you can safely wait without anxiety for your periods to resume naturally.regards