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Patient: Good morning doc, i’m from indonesia and it’s apready 1:40 Am here. So i would like to ask you, does precum contain sperm? I have read a lot of articles, and it is said that actually precum doesnt contain sperm but take note that it doesnt contain sperm if only you didnt ejaculate before and also you have peed for many times, is it true? Me and my boyfriend did petting, but 5 minutes before that, i gave him an oral sex, and then he rubbed his penis onto my clitoris, or let’s say he touched my vagina’s lips for about 10 seconds, he didnt ejaculate, but i doubt if theres no precum, because he can’t feel the fluid by the way, he can feel when he will come, but he can’t feel when he will create precum fluid, after i realize that i have done something wrong then i stopped and cleaned my genital area also took a pee, i’m a girl that has period time that is not regularly, but every month, i have period, it always comes on around date-28 until date 2nd, i did it on march 17th, i don’t know if i was fertile or not, how big the percentage of me being pregnant? Please answer honestly. Because it makes me scared and stress, i have lack of sleep, it disturbs me, please help, i planned to have 72-hour pil, but i didnt buy it, because in indonesia, we can’t have it easily, thanks in advance

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI will be very honest with my medical opinion.There is a lot of controversy about precum, but till now, no such case has been reported where a girl got pregnant from precum. So in my opinion the chances of getting pregnant from precum are negligible.Moreover, you never had intercourse with your friend. Pregnancy can never happen without intercourse, from just gentle rubbing of the penis on vaginal lips or clitoris. Ejaculation has to happen inside the female vagina for pregnancy to occur. So, please do not worry, you will definitely get your period.Hope this was helpful,Regards.

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