Does prolactinoma keep sex drive low constantly?

Patient: For a few years now I have suspected that I may have a prolactinoma.It all started around February 2012 (when I was 20) when I noticed a sudden drop in my libido. Around this time I was experimenting with a cocktail of supplements (supplements – L-Dopa, Triazole, Vitamins etc, NOT steroids or anything ‘serious’) while weight lifting and I also gained a lot of weight. A lot of this was fat due to the rate at which I ate, and particularly it accumulated around my stomach area. It appears to be visceral fat rather than external fat and still partly exists to this day.I noticed my sex drive had taken a turn and I was interested in sex at longer intervals than previously so I decided to go to the doctors. They took a blood sample and the results showed that my testosterone level was around 550-600ng/dl, higher than my previous test (which I had done randomly) which was done 6 months prior.The interesting thing is that 6 months prior my sex drive was fine. Alongside the testosterone level was a prolactin level, which showed as mildly elevated – 400 mIU/L (the unit used in the UK, not the one used in America – I believe this is around 18-20 of the American units?). I had a follow-up test for my prolactin level a few weeks later and it was still mildly elevated. The doctor expressed no concern despite my low libido. Roughly a year later I had another test done and it was once again around the 400-450mIU/L mark, which apparently did not meet the criteria for concern. My question is this – Could it simply by the very slight amount of visceral fat I have which is messing with my system? Did I dysregulate my system with the cocktail of supplements? Could I have a prolactinoma?My sex drive has not decreased in the last few years but it has not increased either. Here’s the thing – I struggle to have sex twice in one day – I can get an erection a second time but I struggle to ejaculate. If I wait a few days my sex drive is very high so does this mean I cannot have a prolactinoma since it would keep levels of prolactin raised all the time?

Symptoms: Delayed ejaculation during sex and masturbation, long refractory period, low sex drive