Does smoking THC affect the bone healing process?

Patient: I recently managed to give myself a compression fracture to the L2 vertebra. My doctoc says it’s relatively minor as these things go, but still painful. For fairly obvious reasons, I’m hesitant to ask him: Is there any scientific evidence ( pro or con ) that would indicate the effect of marijuana (or rather THC) on healing time and bone regrowth? There’s a lot of seemingly biased chatter online about how it’s probably bad because tobacco is bad, or that it might be good in fighting osteoporosis, or how it’s “immoral”. I have an immensely stressful work life. I find a little marijuana in the evening a relaxing and effective way to manage pain… and it beats the hell out of ruining my liver with alcohol. From a strictly factual perspective, If one uses a vaporizer so as to avoid tar, carbon monoxide, etc… Is it going to retard my healing? improve it? No effect? Or is this uncharted territory?

Doctor: It is not the type of substance that you smoke what matters, the majority of smoke substances that are burned up in the smoking process have the same effect, meaning: depriving the cells of oxygen, restricting the blood flow and by doing this, they affect negatively the bone healing process. The use of THC slows the bone healing process itself affecting the cells responsible of bone formation (osteoblasts) and also has effects on blood pressure and heart rate, slowing oxygen supply to the tissues, besides the deleterious effects on the lungs, brain and also may impair the Immune System.