Does Solodyn cancel Chateal

Patient: I was put on chateal today for birth control and i am on solodyn for acne and i asked my nurse if the solodyn cancels the chateal out and she said no but i have heard otherwise from others?? not sure what to believe but need to make sure the birth control works

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Sometimes use of an antibiotic ( solodyn) may interface with the effectiveness of a birth con trol pill ( chateal).Antibiotics can alter the way these birth control pill are processed in the body. Therefore it is advisable that you use the pill regularly and also use second barrier method like a condom etc to prevent an unintended pregnancy while you are on solodyn. Once you complete the course after a week or so you can continue to use only the birth control pill to prevent a pregnancy.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.