Does this mean I have an STD?????

Patient: I had sex for the first time 2 months ago, my then boyfriend told me he had been tested and had not had any partners for a year before we got together. i trusted him so i did not tell him he needed to take another exam, i wish i hadn’t done that now. yesterday i checked myself just to see how everything’s going down there and i noticed a little lump in my labia minora. my labia minora looks like its torn in certain places like near my hymen and the edges of my vaginal opening? my labia minora has a mild itch but i believe i’ve had these symptoms before i ever had sex. i have a musty odor sometimes but i think i just sweat allot down there??? we used protection and we only had sex 4 times during our relationship, i haven’t noticed any unusual discharge or smelly discharge. why would he lie to me, should i confront him if i am tested positive for any std??? i’m scared and i don’t have money right now to get tested, i hope you can help me thanks..

Symptoms: Sometimes I get a mild itch in what seems to be my labia minora but I’m not sure If it has anything to do with the tiny bump

Does this mean I have an ST...-1 Does this mean I have an ST...-1

Doctor: Hello,The vaginal appears healthy and there is a torn hymen seen at the lower end of the vagina along with raw labia minora. However the bump you are pointing out is probably a healed labial abrasion over its inner wall which is common due to frictional injury. If after 2 months now, there has been no discharge or foul smell or any itching present then there is no infection or STD as the incubation period for any std is 7-10 days at max and manifests within that time period.The vulva and vagina appears healthy, just the presence of hymenal tags which is explained by the intercourse you had, which was again protected thereby further decreasing the chances of contracting a STD.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards