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Does this seem like an STD or an infection?

Patient: Over eleven days ago I had unprotected sex with a new partner. I am a straight male and my partner was a straight female. Hours after the encounter ended, my penis began to hurt. Dull and sharp pains alternating between sides of the shaft of my penis. Also what felt like some dull pain in my urethra. The pain has persisted and pain at the tip of my penis was added to the mix. Along with the pain, I get the feeling I am dribbling or discharging a very small amount of liquid frequently. Along with the tip pain I am still getting alternating pain on the shaft. There are no visible marks anywhere on my penis. Does this sound like any sort of STD or infection? I should mention I have otherwise felt healthy this entire time and have exercised vigorously every day.



Symptoms: Symptoms: Pain on penis shaft, pain on tip of penis, possible discharge or dribbling



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.More often due to rigorous intercourse there can be injury to the penile tissue and stim ulation of nerve fibres. This cab cause uneasiness initially. It can lead to inflammation slowly and symptoms of pain and increased urination follows. It can progress to urethritis and hence frequency of urine and feeling of constant discharge from penis. It can complicate later to a urinary tract infection and stenosis causing more discomfort. However, this is not an infection or std that you have to worry about. Consult a doctor for anti inflammatory medications and analgesics. Drink plenty of water and avoid intercourse until you feel better.In case of persistent discharge or symptoms you need a detailed evaluation.Hope this helps.Feel free to contact us for further assistance.Regards

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Patient: I just wrote a long follow up but it seems to not have posted so I’ll try again. What you’re saying makes a lot of sense and explains the shifting nature of the pain and why it isn’t feeling better and probably is feeling worse. Although I hadn’t felt the sex was rigorous, my perceptions could be wrong. My main fear is herpes but am I correct in thinking what I’ve been describing hasn’t followed the course of a herpes infection?

Doctor: It is unlikely to be herpes as you are having local symptoms rather than prodromal symptoms or blisters. We can associate your symptoms with inflammation rather than herpes.

Patient: hello. i believe i am allowed two follow ups so here is my second…i went to a doctor last week (on what would have been the 13th day since the sexual contact) and he examined me and took a urine sample. he could find no visible signs of infection (leading him to rule out herpes) and the urine sample showed it was not another STD causing my discomfort. not sure if the urine test shows if i could have a less specific bacterial infection. he seemed to agree with what you said about swelling and tissue damage, etc. the day after seeing the doctor, i felt almost perfect and, perhaps foolishly, masturbated. this lead to the discomfort coming back. the next morning i again felt fine and again tested things out, stupidly. and this again lead to discomfort. which has persisted. now 22 days since the sexual act, i am still in discomfort. it is, though, reduced, even as of a few days ago. when i say discomfort, it is pain in the tip of my penis. sometime it feels like a pinching pain. i suppose this is from the stenosis you mentioned? the pain is not particularly sharp but it is persistent. the pain gets worse as the day goes on. i suppose this is possibly because urinating affects the problem area? i feel almost fine in the morning but by the evening am in a good deal of discomfort. i have been taking naproxen daily. the pain does not modulate in intensity if i apply pressure to the head of my penis. i am not sure if this is significant. i am just writing to ask if it seems reasonable that i’m still feeling discomfort. i am willing to accept that whatever discomfort i’m feeling, i’ve amplified in my head because of the anxiety it’s still causing me. but it is still there.

Doctor: Hello,
Thank you for the reply.
Since you have seen a doctor and got yourself tested and ruled out an std, there is nothing much to worry about. There could be a mild urethritis that could be a cause for the discomfort. You may need to see a urologist personally. As advised earlier, avoid intercourse and masturbation until you are free of symptoms.


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