Does this sound like an ovarian cyst or possibly pregnancy?

Patient: I think I may have an ovarian cyst although I am not sure. I also think I may be pregnant but have not took a test because I have had some slight bleeding but nothing like I normally deal with with a “normal” period. My periods the last 2 cycles came much later and I’m usually never late. The first one was 2 weeks late. The 2nd, 1 week late. Both were really light, especially the 2nd one. Both were mostly all light-brown in color and not red at all except when I first started and there was a dot of red, but that’s the only red blood. The first one was about 4 days but extremely light still especially the last 2 days. The 2nd period was only 1 day and honestly only about 6 hours and not the whole 6 hours. It was probably spotting if you ask me but I still counted it but it was so light I probably shouldn’t of used a tampon but I had nothing else at the time. Right now I’m 16 days late. I’ve noticed a linea nigra that has not been noticeable. I’ve also noticed a “bulge” in my lower abdominal area that’s only been noticeable the last few weeks. Like I said I do not think it’s pregnancy as I’m not nauseous, vomiting, having cravings or food aversions. My mom thinks it’s an ovarian cyst and says ovarian cysts can mock pregnancy. I’m mainly wondering could an ovarian cause a linea nigra to appear/darken just like pregnancy?

Symptoms: delayed periods, lighter periods, light-brown bleeding, very mild cramping, sore/tender breasts and nipples, dizziness/vertigo, heartburn, acid reflux, mild constipation, mild diarrhea, mild gas pains, mild lower backaches, mild hip pain(like muscles pulling), increased headaches/migraines, frequent urination, lower abdominal bulge

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your symptoms are serious enough that we recommend that you seek medical attention to deter mine the cause of your symptoms. Ovarian cysts and pregnancy can have similar symptom profiles however without the appropriate testing we can only offer you possibilities as to what may be causing your symptoms. Ovarian cysts can have symptoms of bloating and abdominal pain, painful menstruation, irregular menstruation, palpable abdominal mass, and dull lower back pain. Pregnancy symptoms include abdominal discomfort, tender breasts, loss of appetite and nausea, and absent periods. We recommend that you visit your doctor to undergo a pelvic examination, pregnancy testing, and a possible ultrasound to determine the source symptoms.Thank you for choosing