Dog Bite me two or three days ago

Patient: Hi- two or three days ago a dog tried to bite me it almost did (im not sure) but i did not have any bloodshed or any sign of scratch at all. now i just notices that at the place i have little inflation and when i touch it it becomes a little painful do you think it the sign of rabies? thank you

Symptoms: A little inflation

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.This is not necessarily a sign of Rabies as there are no local symptoms for Rabies. Also , Rabies takes a long time to develop as the virus has to travel along the nerves to enter into the brain to cause the symptoms.This can sometimes take more than 3 weeks to happen. And another shocking fact of Rabies is that once you get the Rabies, there is a very high mortality rate. The mortality is so high that only 1 person has ever survived a Rabies infection.There is an easy way to survive an infection, you should see a Doctor and get vaccinated for it as soon as possible. Now, what has happened on your hand is a local swelling of the wounds. The wound has caused the release of toxins and this has lead to swelling, redness and pain in the area.This can happen when a bite is strong and causes internal damage to the skin.Please talk to a Doctor as soon as possible for vaccination. All the best.