Dont know.if wart.moles or skin tavs

Patient: I have flat like bumps on the right side between vagina and crease of thigh they look like skin tags in a since not sure

Symptoms: Itchy

Dont know.if wart.moles or ...-1 Dont know.if wart.moles or ...-1 Dont know.if wart.moles or ...-1

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.According to your description and appearance in the photos th e lesions might be skin tags or skin discoloration due to fungal infection etc.Skin tags are benign lesions which can be seen in going area, under breasts etc due to irritation by clothing, weight gain etc.Usually these are painless and can be removed by different techniques.Fungal infection can present with discoloration of skin and itchy lesions. These lesions need antifungal treatment.As you are having symptomatic lesions, better to consult your doctor once and get examined.By examination the exact nature of the lesions can be identified and treated.Take care.