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Double shots of MRR and Measles in less than 24 hours.

Patient: Hi,My Kid was given MMR Vaccine at 8PM last night. Today, the school mistakenly gave him another shot of Measles at 11PM with a difference of only 20 hrs. He is 8 and half years old.Is there anything to be worried about?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,MMR vaccine is a live attenuated virus vaccine and usually giv en at 9 months of age.However, it can be given if not given earlier to imbibe active immunity in the child but later the dose is given the greater the immunity reaction and can be accompanied with fever and mild flu symptoms.With the double dose, it simply means double dose of antigens and the body may react to it more severely with high-grade fever, often rash and body ache. This can be managed symptomatically at home by maintaining good hydration, electrolyte level and fever under control with antipyretics like Paracetamol. However, if the fever crosses 101-102 degree Fahrenheit, then a visit to the physician is a must and he should be placed under medical care for 24-48 hrs.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing your son good health,Regards



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Patient: Hi,
Thank you for your answer.
Basically, the MMR vaccine was given because there is a Measles outbreak in my country. The doctor told me that the MMR will be better as it covers 2 additional diseases so I went with that.
My kid has no fever or any reaction what so ever from that first vaccine.
Today, he was given another dose of only Measles shot not MMR.
4 hours have past from the 2nd shot of Measles only. My original question was, is there any short term, long term effects to be worried about and if something can be done about it.
Also, after how much time its safe to think that a possible side effect will not occur.
Waiting for your response.

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the follow up.
The most common side effects following a dose or jab of MMR vaccine are headache, mild ear infection, nausea, rash, high fever and bodyache manifesting in next 24-48 hrs. With the double dose of measles at 8 years of age when body immunity is already strong , a dose of lyophilised live attenuated measles virus 0.5 ml subcutaneos dose cannot cause some dreaded side effects in toddlers like autism , seizures or encephalitis, simply because the dosage is small.
However it is important to watch for altered behaviour and high fever as the child may get precipitated febrile seizures secondary to high fever.
Hence fever has to be avoided and local pain at the site if injection can be controlled with NSAIDS and antipyretics. Any evidence of high fever more than 102 degree FAHRENHEIT , loss of appetite, rashes all over the body, severe headache and watering from eyes, swelling of parotid glands should be reported to the physician . He should be kept well hydrated. Maintain observation.

Patient: Hi,
Thank you for the answer.
Does the Measles shot the same as the Measles shot in the MMR shot?
My main concern is the over dose lets say in the next 24-48 hours, I do not see any signs of rash or fever, does it means there will be long term effects to watch for?

Doctor: MMR is measles, mumps and rubella together and teh concentration remains the same as in single measles dosage.
Also if there has been no reaction in 24-48 hours then the body has tolerated it well and there are no real long term side effects at all.
The dose is 0.5ml subcutaneous injection. There may be local inflammation or redness over the injection site which shall subside in next 2-3 days as well.


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