Doxycycline and conceiving effect.

Patient: My husband and I have been prescribed a antibiotic, Doxycycline 100mg, to use for 10 days cure.Our doctor recommended we have sex to conceive a child, because we want a child.We are now in our 7th day of the antibiotic cure and it is also my ovulation period.Our doctor advised us to have sex during this week.I want to know if the antibiotic will have any effect on the conception. I am really worried about this because we did some research on the internet and read that we shouldn’t have sex during the cure.But why would our doctor say its ok to have sex during the cure.Do I have to worry about any effects on our child if we conceive?We are now in day 7 of the 10 day cure and had sex on the 6th day (I am ovulating on the 7th day).Please let me know what to do.Thank you.




Symptoms: Headache both me and my partner

Doctor: There has obviously been some mis-communication between you and your doctor. A course of doxycycline for 10 days is usua lly advised to treat pelvic infections and the general instructions would be to abstain from sex or using contraceptive methods during the course of the treatment. This is because doxycyxline is certified as a ‘FDA pregnancy category: D’ drug. This means that its use is not recommended in pregnancy unless absolutely essential for the patient’s welfare (as per the physician judgment).Usually with the use of a drug like doxyxycline, chances of getting pregnant is low. Nevertheless if you do get pregnant while on doxycycline, it is advised that you take expert opinion from a fetal medicine specialist regarding the future course of the pregnancy.

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