Dr I do have some itching on my one side

Patient: Dr. I do have some itching on my one side of vaginal lip I’ve had this feeling once before and it eventually went away on it’s own in a couple weeks with me putting cortaid on it because that’s what my gynecologist said to do before so that’s what I’m doing now it itched so bad I itched it raw it doesn’t burn and there is no vaginal discharge I think it happens before or when it’s close to my period I was supposed to start a few days ago but I haven’t yet, I’m thinking that has something to do with it as well please give me your honest opinion thank you

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Generally a fungal infection of the vagina will cause severe itching. The other cause can be a hormonal imbalance or a hormonal change right before the period.You can continue the medicine advised by your doctor and also use a feminine vaginal wash containing lactic acid. It will restore the vaginal pH and help in reducing the itching.This may not be a direct cause for the delay in cycle.Hope this was helpful.Regards