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Drinking 8 Liters water per day too much?

Patient: Everyday I take 8 liters water.I want to know that drinking 8 liters water is harmful or useful for me.I am taking exercise in Gymnasium.Please give me a solution.



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Doctor: Hello ,it is not 8 litres of water but minimum of 8 glasses of water is what doctors suggest.daily water requirement is 60ml/kg/,8 litres is more than required for you .it is not harmful in this age group,but it would have been detrimental in old age people or renal failure patients,but anyways as you work out it wouldn’t have caused any,now anwards take water according to the above said formula,and more only if your thirst demands.congragulations on the fact the you are taking care of your health by doing workout and drinking good quantites of water.

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Patient: Thank You Sir.


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