Drops of blood in my urine | Urologist

Patient: Today morning while urinating, I saw blood in my urine for the last two droplets. How serious is it and what might be the issue. For few days now, I have been training hard in the gym and have brought significant changes to my diet.

Symptoms: Symptoms: stool is not coming at prper intervals since the change of diet. Also yesterday there was a huge burning sensation. and today morning saw blood droplets in my urine at the end.

Doctor: Hello,If you experienced blood in urine at the end of urination, it indicates that the blood has come from the bladde r and not the urethra. Heavy exercises can sometimes cause increased capillary haemorrhages in the bladder and can exhibit as bloody urine , but the most common reason is CYSTITIS which is a form of urinary tract infection and can occur due to dehydration per se and infection. The burning in urine and increased frequency of urine is a classical symptom and needs to be treated with antibiotics. You may visit your physician for a urine culture test to isolate the organism and to be placed on urinary antibiotics for a week to attain complete treatment.Also important is to increase your water intake to 5-6 litres per day to flush out the infection sooner.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards