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Drug test and negative/dilute

Patient: I had a drug test and physical and the day after I got a call stating that I had a negative dilute and had to retest the next day. I am 170 lb 5’6″ physically fit and drink water on a daily basis. The night before my 2 ed test I ran on the treadmill for about an hour in sweats so I could try to get most of the water out of my system after that I followed up with about 24 ounces of apple juice a small thing of orange juice and 12oz of a protein shake before going to bed. on the day of the test it it was early morning I had two eggs and a fruit cup, 12 oz of orange juice, 12 oz of apple juice and was drinking about 6 oz of root beer on the way to the testing site. Only took one hour until I had to take my second pee for the day and that was for my drug test. My question is will that make the test comeback as a dilute? The color of the specimen was clear and had very little tint to it.




Doctor: Thank you for your question. The food you ingested and exercise you engaged has some impact on the concentration of your urine. However, we are not certain what the exclusion parameters for urine concentration would be for your particular test. Based on your description, it is possible that your specimen will be adequate for your drug screen. For more specific guidance, please speak to the laboratory performing your test. They will be able to provide you with exact protocol to follow prior to your test to ensure an accurate analysis.Thank you for consulting


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