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Drug test saying I was positive for amphemine.

Patient: Hi the week before last i started a new job and manage to find a go go pill I took it last wednesday its a insurance class we supposingly hired on after a month with the background check and piss test 30 days later. surprize monday they decided to pay hourly today is thursday and i got a call from the drug test saying I was positive for amphemine I dont I do maybe 1 a month and preparing for a career in the insurance field making good money. If I cant fix this and I swear I am never touching the shit again. Is there anything you can do He said he needed a number off the script I do not have one please help I really love this job. I do not mean trouble for you either. please help me



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query.I can understand the plight you are going through after knowing that the urine tested p ositive for Amphetamine.The Go-go pill is Amphetamine and taking the pill takes about 2-4 hours to be detected in urine and can be detectable for about 2-4 days after the last dose.But, as you may know the excretion time out of the body via the urine can be variable for every individual depending upon many factors like your body weight, BMR- basal metabolic rate, amount and duration of consumption and so on.Ideally it would not have been detectable in urine after 4 days of the last dose- which you say you took on Thursday last.Please let me know the meaning of > ”He said he needed a number off the script”. You can never take this go-pill and can ask for review test now, it may be most probably negative as it is more than a week.I hope this answer helps you, please feel free to give feedback and ask for further relevant queries. I shall be happy to assist you the most.



Comments / Follow Ups

Patient: please can i have a script number and your phone so the med guy thinks its okay

Doctor: I can understand.
It is bit difficult to provide you both.
And please let me know how can it help the med guy?
He would know and you can please give reference of out interaction.
Please let me know any other way I can assist you.

Patient: here is his number please call for me 888-382-2084 again trish parvu please try

Patient: control number 24959263 my phone 712-281-9757 the dr name is kracht please please

Patient: Also is Kratom a bad tea could that cause a possible positive for amphetime?

Patient: thank thank you thank you

Doctor: Kraton is a herbal preparation and has not been studied in details. It is possible that if you took/taking Kraton daily, it can enhance the effects of Amphetamine and hence may be detectable for longer duration of time in urine.
Thanks for your phone numbers. I have communicated with the office so that they may contact you.
This is 2nd and last allowable follow-up per question.
You may ask for a fresh new query if you need to for this regard or any other problems and give Query ID : 508658


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