Drugs that treat hyperlipidemia causing allergy

Patient: In a high lipid profile patient with the use of loprin and rosuvastatin … are there any chances that any allergic reaction may occur with the appearance of small swelling on forehead?

Symptoms: Feeling of heaviness in chest

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.Yes, one can be allergic to any drug including Aspirin and Rosuvastatin.However, al lergic manifestation includes itching, fixed drug eruption. The swelling over the forehead is very unlikely to be due to drug allergy.However, since i have not seen the swelling, it would be difficult to comment.In case the swelling is like a rash, tender, erythematous, you should report your doctor.If he feels this is allergic rash, he will stop both the medications and will re introduce them one by one in order to check which medicine out of the two is causing you the rash.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.