Dry bald patch on a 2 year old head

Patient: Good day…. my 2 year old has a dry bald patch on her head…..i have tried oiling it. any ideas what it could be? what should i do? please advise….. thanks

Doctor: Thanks for consulting us. This is Tinea capitis. It is a superficial fungal infection of the skin by dermatophytosis. We should differentiate it from psoriasis, Impetigo etc. Examination and culture of skin rubbings, skin scrapings, or hair pluckings (epilated hair) from lesions would be helpful in diagnosis. Selenium sulfide shampoo may reduce the risk of spreading the infection. If the infection is wide spread, it may require to start systemic administration of anti fungal medication. Consult dermatologist for correct diagnosis and treat as per that. Wish him speedy recovery.