Dry Shampoo made my hair fall out

Patient: Please help. I am a 38 year old woman with oily hair, so when I found dry shampoo I was in heaven. I used the dry shampoo in the beginning every other day to avoid washing everyday so it wouldn’t wash out my hair color. Then I started using it at night before bed about 5 days a week. I noticed my hair getting thinner and thinner, but did not put two and two together. Then last week I noticed a lot of hair loss in the spots where I mostly concentrated using the dry shampoo, my hairline, my bang area, and the crown of my head. After talking to my friend whom started using the dry shampoo (on my recommendation) she is experiencing the same exact issues with hair loss. This revelation has all been in the past 2 days, since then I have not used the dry shampoo and starting using Nizoral shampoo to help unclog my follicles (I think this may be what is going on after looking online). Will my hair grow back? Can Dry shampoo really have done this to me? If it can grow back what can I use or do to help this? I am very disappointed that there is no info on the subject on line anywhere but for 2 websites. PLEASE HELP I am a self conscience mess! I need help, I need to know if I will ever have my hair back again, and how long it can take to see regrowth occurring.