Dryness and no sex drive with Antidepressants.

Patient: I have had a hysterecyomy and suffer from dryness and lack of interest in sex etc. What can I do? I am 56 years old and Iam in good health

Doctor: I understand your concern about your lack of sex drive. In my opinion the most probable cause of your decease in the Lib ido is due to a side effect of your medication Celexa.Celexa is an Antidepressant medication that belongs to the family of the SSRi’s. These types of medication are known to have a decrease in the Libido as a side effect.This decrease in the Libido causes dryness of the mucosa in the vagina and orgasm problems.  I would suggest you to consult your physician for a re evaluation of your medications and probable exchange for other antidepressants. I wish you the best.