Due to fever not getting well from last 4 days.

Patient: My father has fever from last 4 days and not getting well. As its going sometime 99 and in evening it goes to 102 degree. Then doctor advice to test to blood, in blood test they found WBC are 13700/CMM which is higher than range 4000-11000 /CMM. So they said its an viral.My father age is 62 years and he is an type2 diabetes patient which daily used to take 1 janumet 50/500 and 1 Triglimisave2 Medicine one in morning and one in evening time.So can you please suggest, how to reduce the WBC. As together they are taking fever medicine DOLO-650

Symptoms: FEVER

Doctor: Hi dear patient,Felt good that you have so much concern towards your father, Well firstly in any viral illness there w ill not be raise in WBC count infact it will be opposite we expect low WBC count. Having said that in some rare viral illness secondary to bacterial infection you may get elevated WBC count. Here in your fathers condition since he is suffering from diabetes his immune status will be slightly low compared to normal people hence he will be having high chances of getting Urinary tract infections, respiratory tract infections and so i would suggest you to get urine microscopy and chest xray to rule out any infections. My advise would be you consult a physician/Diabetologist for further needful.