Dull ache in lower abdomen

Patient: 30 year old male. 2 Months ago I noticed discomfort in my lower left abdominal area, back and groin. It doesnt hurt to push on the area and while standing I do not notice it. It is uncomfortable to sit or bend over or lift my left knee up. It seems to get better and then get worse day by day.

Symptoms: Dull ache in left side abdomen back and groin

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms, of having a dull pain with some activity of the knee and having it worse b y the night, may need an examination.Consult a surgeon or a physician. The possibilities could be an inguinal or a femoral hernia, or a lack of blood supply to the vessels supplying the limbs and the intestines. It is unlikely due a muscle pull or spasm. The doctor may examine you and ask to get a few investigations, which may include an ultrasound and Doppler of the lower increased exertion.Hope this helpedRegards