Dull Ache Left Side of my Ovary

Patient: I have been having discomfort for a bout a week on the left side on my lower abdomen. Feels just like its on my ovary area. I do have cysts. Its not pain but discomfort. Should I be concerned?

Symptoms: Dull ache near or on my left ovary region. Discomfort

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the query.If you are experiencing pain in the left side of lower abdomen and you have been havin g ovarian cysts then it is likely that there may be a cyst rupture or an ongoing torsion of the ovary. This can be ruled out by a transvaginal ultrasound and a doppler study together. Please visit your physician for the same to rule them out. In the meantime, you may use hot fomentation to soothe the pain, but unlikely that it should help.I hope I have addressed your concerns.Regards