Dull constant burning sensation in glans of penis…

Patient: Hi,One day I had some rough masturbation, After that for the first time I can see one half inch vein (looks like air bubble) visible at left side glans of penis (observed only in glans). It is visible only during penis is erect and not visible when penis is flaccid and sometimes its not at all visible. From that day onwards, I could feel burning sensation on that area (able to feel at the left side glans of penis) at all the times. Now it is day 3 and still feeling the same. In related to that feeling pain in left pelvic and left lower abdominal area. Can feel some nerve is being tensed. The pain is not so severe but dull constant burning sensation is there in left side glans of penis. Could you please suggest what could be the problem? and whether it will heal in its own way as time goes?Would it be Penile Mondor’s disease or Penile Thrombosis? Feeling little bit feared about this. Please suggest what should be the problem in detail.

Symptoms: Penis burning sensation

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for posting your query on ATD.The condition, most likely, has been caused by trauma. On the other ha nd, Mondor’s disease of penis is an uncommon genital condition involving the penile sulcus in a circumferential manner. Although this disorder is almost always self-limited, it is associated with considerable psychological stress and sexual disharmony. Dorsal vein thrombosis is a rare disease with pain and induration of the dorsal part of the penis. The possible causes comprise traumatism, neoplasms, excessive sexual activity, or abstinence. The differential diagnosis must be established with Sclerotizing lymphangitis and peyronies disease and doppler ultrasound is the imaging diagnostic technique of choice. Proper diagnosis and consequent reassurance can help to dissipate the anxiety typically experienced by the patients with this disease.It is difficult to comment without a clinical examination. Please visit a doctor and have yourself examined and seek treatment if required.Wish you good health.