Duration Of Consumption For Iron Pills

Patient: Last year in Novemeber I was told my iron Level was a 6 , I am a 32 year old female and they gave me Ferrolet 90 to bring it back up fast , My question is this year in July I went back to the dr and they said it was a 12 and she told me to take over the counter iron 65 mg pills , My question is how long should I take them ? I don’t want my iron level to get to high and not to low either ?

Doctor: I understand how worried you are about your iron deficiency anemia. Certainly your doctor might have already told you th at because women tend to lose blood monthly due to menses, they tend to have a risk for iron deficiency anemia.65mg is the elemental iron dose and let me reassure you that this is very unlikely to bring your Iron levels to a very high number. Certainly there might be some side effects such as black stools and constipation but the can be managed by drinking more fluids and increasing the fiber in your diet.There are other natural sources of iron that you might want to try such as eating spinach and beef liver. The length of your treatment would depend on how your hemoglobin levels increase in your next CBC, I would suggest you to ask your physician about your HB level and since you are taking prilosec probably due to acid reflux or gastritis, you might also want to rule out GI bleeding. I wish you the best.