During my freshman year of college I could get drunk

Patient: During my freshman year of college I could get drunk (I am large and have a high alcohol tolerance, so maybe 12 drinks over 7 hours) and the next day I would not be hungover (Note: I understand that this was not a responsible or healthy way to use alcohol). Towards the end of my freshman year I started getting really sick when I drank alcohol. After one or two drinks my nose would get stuffy, things would get really slow, I would be sleepy, I would get light headed, and I would have a hard time processing information. A few hours after I went to sleep I would wake up extremely nauseous. I would have a fever, the chills, be sweating, have the shakes, and I would vomit bile until the afternoon. I initially tried cutting out beer but I had the same results regardless of the type of alcohol I consumed. How sick I get seems to depend on how much alcohol I consume. It has been over a year since my symptoms have started. I now only drink one or two drinks when I go out and I stop drinking when I start to feel stuffed up and slowed down. I don’t mind not getting tipsy or drunk, it is not important to me. I would like to know what may be causing this and why it would have set on so immediately.Also, I am 5’10” and 170 pounds. I do not have diabetes, high cholesterol or any allergies (that I know of). I take lemictal and seroquel, although I have been taking them for 6 years and the problem with alcohol has been in the last year.*I know that this may not be an allergic reaction, but it seemed like easiest way to summarize it in the title

Symptoms: Vomiting, chills, fever, dizzy, tired