Dust in nose and excessive hairfall

Patient: I recently moved to a bigger city from my home town, where the humidity is less and the pollution is high, i started getting more dust in my nose and increased hairfall also i get sweaty palms most of the time, please guide me to care for my health in this city. Thank you.

Symptoms: Excessive harifall and dust collection in nose( i need to pick my nose regularly just to breathe freely)

Doctor: You seem to have developed dryness in the nose and brittle hair. Wearing a face mask while travelling and applying a moi sturizer in the nose (Vaseline or oil) at bed time, may give you instant relief. The cause of hair fall needs to be ascertained first, before specific therapy can be prescribed. Common causes include, dry scalp (due to dandruff or fungal infection), dry hair (due to exposure to excessive dust or pollution), poor nutrition (protein and vitamin deficiency), Iron deficiency anemia, hypothyroidism or physical or emotional stress. You should visit a dermatologist for proper diagnosis and further management of your hair fall.