Dydrogesterone & contraceptive can/ cant be taken together?

Patient: Hello Doctor,I am having PCOD and gone to my gynic for check up.. he gave me below medicines for 3 cycles.1) Regestrone ( 5 days/ 2 times) just for one time to get my periods.2) siphene 100 mg ( 3rd day of cycle to 7th day/ 5 tablets)3) Dydrogesterone 10 mg/ 10 days ( 16th day to 25th day of cycle)4) Ovacet 2 tblets/ day ( 2 months)I took all the medicines as prescribed. But in the last dose of Dydrogesterone (After 3rd cycle : 16th day) i had unprotected sex, and had contraceptive pill. May i start with Dydrogesterone tablet again to complete all dose of medicine. Can Dydrogesterone and contraceptive be taken together, plz help.