Dysport (Botox) before trying to conceive

Patient: I recently had a Dysport (competitor to Botox) injection to address an issue with a surgery from a few years ago. I know it is not advisable to have this if you are pregnant, but I am now reading about it online and it sounds as though it might be recommended to wait to become pregnant after having a Dysport injection. My question is how long should I wait to try to conceive? There has to be instances of women getting Dysport and then becoming pregnant (many women in their 30s and 40s and most of the celebrities get Dysport for cosmetic reasons). Has it affected their pregnancies or the health of their children? Please advise as if you were making the choice for yourself (or for your wife). Also, what have you seen with your patients in this scenario?

Doctor: The use of botulin toxin (botox or dysport) is contraindicated in individuals who are pregnant, breast feeding or attemp ting to conceive.  There is no study – and no study will ever be approved or conducted – on women who have received treatment and then became pregnant.To the best of current scientific data, it takes 6 months for your kidney to clear the toxin from your sytem. I would suggest waiting 6 months before attempting to conceive to be safe.