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Ear crackling when listening to loud music.

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hello, recently I have been experiencing crackling inside my ears. It sounded like plastic wrappers was inside my ears, crackling when I stretch my jaws wide open and even touching my ears caused them to crackle. I have been listening to loud music using my earphones and whenever I insert my ear buds into my ear, the pressure of the rubber ear buds also caused my ear to crackle. It only happens on my left ear and this is the first day I'm experiencing it. Please help me!!


You are suffering from what is known as Eustachian tube dysfunction. The Eustachian tube is a structure that connects the inner ear to the back of the throat. Usually this tube is closed and only open in case of a higher air pressure in the middle ear. If you suffer from cold or sore throat, this tube gets blocked leading to the development of symptoms which you are experiencing. Saline nasal rinses and valsalva maneuvers may help to reduce the symptoms. I hope you find the information useful, take care.

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