Ear piercing infection

Patient: I got my first ear piercings last may or june and i think one of my ears are infected. my ear lobes are thick so i knew my ears would take longer to heal but it’s been months and behind my left ear beside the piercing hole, there’s a lump and when i press on it yellow liquid comes out then refills right away. i dont know what to do to heal it.

Doctor: Ear piercing cause infection in your ear, which turned out to form an abscess. Since the fluid or discharge is continuou sly filling, you must be treated for it sooner. Foremost remove the ear piercing first. Maintain proper hygiene. The abscess or pus bag should be opened first by a surgeon, to drain whole infectious fluid, break all the locules, remove infected and necrotic material, so that it will not recover followe by antibiotic therapy. Consult a ENT surgeon for the same.