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Ear with swollen lymph node

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Hi imma 24 yr. old and ive had a ear infection back last summer was givin antibiotics but since its been gone ive had this feeling of fullness and feel something movin at times or bending over...i have a swollen lymph node in front by top next to ear lobe!ive done everything between candles sweet and olive oil and i went to ent a month ago and was givin drops but didnt work. this is drivin me insane and get some pain down my neck i dont know what to do!


Your symptoms suggest an effusion, which is simply a collection of fluid behind the ear drum. You will need to see an ENT specialist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment to remove the fluid. This treatment may involve minor surgery. Once the collection of fluid has resolved the enlarged lymph node will also resolve.

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Guest Says: very sever pain in lump behind the rt ear
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