Early clubbing of nails or just natural curvature

Patient: Hello! I’m Asian, 25, never smoked, no link to genetic diseases, used to be really active but the last 2 years I haven’t been working out as nearly as I used to after quitting dance and can definitely see the difference in muscle tone and stamina (of course). Anyways here’s my question. My nails have been more on the curvier side all my life (similar to my family’s nails). Lately I’ve been noticing that they’re getting more curved but not clubbed. I still have the diamond between the nails but it’s smaller than before. Is this early clubbing? Or am I being paranoid? I also have no half moons on my nails except the thumbs. I read that clubbing is linked to heart and lung disease so I want to know if I should look out for any symptoms. Are breathing sounds like crackle/rales/rhonchi noticeable to the ear without stethoscope?Thanks!

Early clubbing of nails or ...-1 Early clubbing of nails or ...-1 Early clubbing of nails or ...-1