Early onset of Parkinsons disease???

Patient: HI I frequently get shaking in my hands,and ocasionally cramps in my leg, generally right side Could it be parkinsons? My father has it, as well it was on the death certificate of my grandmother (Fathers side) I would like to nip it in the bud early as I am a watchmaker. My local GP just said that if I do not stoop, or start to shuffle it is all right. Is there some test to see if I will get it? or how I can avoid it? or is there an early dectection test I could take?

Doctor: Parkinson’s disease is a deterioration process of certain areas of the brain that affect involuntary movements, balance nce and muscle control. The most common symptoms are: tremor (shaking or trembling) of the hands, arms, jaw and face that worsens under stress and improves during rest or sleep; stiffness of the trunk and limbs; slowness of movements and loss of balance and coordination. The average onset is about 60 years old, but it can begin in some cases at earlier ages. About 5%-10% of affected people have a genetic tendency with a positive family history, but there other causes like free radicals (pesticides) and certain drugs (that can produce parkinson’s like symptoms) involved too. Diagnosis of Parkinson’s can be difficult, because there are no specific blood tests or studies available to make an accurate diagnosis. For this reason if you feel like you are experiencing Parkinson’s symptoms I strongly recommend that you get an evaluation by a Neurologist specialized in movement disorders.