Early period on birth control, can I skip upcoming sugar pills?

Patient: I’ve been on birth control for a while now (Gildess 1/20) and my period came early this month, about a week before my placebo pills. Is it ok to skip the sugar pills coming up because my period already happened? I don’t want it to be two weeks long. Or should i continue the pack like normal? Will starting a new pack and skipping the sugar pills affect anything or my early period?

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Some women do have abnormal vaginal bleeding or minor spotting between the menstrual cycles d uring the initial months of starting of the birth control pills. They generally face these problems if they do not take the pills regularly (missing of the pills) or not taking the pills at regular time each day. Sometimes the pills may not be apt or the dosage may not be sufficient for some women. It is better to discuss with your healthcare provider regarding your side-effects such that they can either change the drug which better suits if required and also assist in diagnosing whether it was a breakthrough bleeding or the menses or any other underlying cause like an infection etc., which has lead to the bleeding. They will also be able to ascertain whether or not medical aid is required or not.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.