Early period or implantation bleeding

Patient: Hi, I have been experiences all of the typical pregnancy symptoms especially feeling spacey and uninterested in normal activites, except for tender breasts. I ovulated around the 23-26 of november and have an expected period date of december 9. today december 7, i started cramping and bleeding but im still having the same pregnancy symptoms. Could the bleeding be Implantation or just an earlyperiod?

Symptoms: Nausea (no vomiting), fatigue, spacey mind, backache, uninterested in daily activities, headache, had slight pulling from december 4-6 (no bleeding though.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Menstrual cycle with length between 21 to 35 days can be cons idered as normal only.The symptoms you mentioned could be seen in premenstrual phase also.So, just by symptoms we cannot come to one conclusion regarding the pregnancy.According to the history the bleeding you are having could be possibly normal menstrual bleeding only.If the bleeding is scanty and stops in one or two days, you can go for urine pregnancy test once to find out the possibility of pregnancy.Take care.