Early period or incomplete implantation?

Patient: We are trying to have a baby. I have a 35 day average cycle. Last month I had period like bleeding about a week early…. Around the time it should have been implantation. Could this have been a fertilized egg not implanting properly?

Doctor: Hello,The implantation bleed is usually light brown colored vaginal discharge which may be in form of spotting in mos t cases, few days after intercourse during the fertile period. If you have experienced bleeding like your normal cycles for 4-5 days with good flow then it is unlikely that it was a implantation bleed.However, implantation bleed is always a retrospective diagnosis and can be confirmed only after confirmation of pregnancy. You may opt to do a blood serum beta hcg test to look for raised levels of hcg which would indicate an ongoing pregnancy.If the levels are less than 1 then pregnancy is ruled out for sure.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards