Early pregnancy bledding

Patient: I would like to know.. i ever go for surgery for etopic pregnancy and miscarriage once but i didnt aware thAt im pregnancy until i miscarriage..and now im pregnant again but having pink aspotting then change to brown.. and now bleeding.. i when to hosp doc said blood that bleed is old blood.. what it mean by old blood?

Symptoms: Bleeding

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is unfortunate that you have had a surgery for an ectopic before. I hope it does not r ecur again.Since you are pregnant and having spotting, we must not ignore this. The doctor having said that it is old blood, means to say that there must be a clot in the womb , that means there has been a bleeding earlier and then presenting as an abnormal discharge now, which has got clotted over the time. This could mean a hormonal deficit, a miscarriage or even a threatened miscarriage which can be stopped and reversed. Sometimes the bleeding is minimal and the clots get absorbed causing pregnancy to continue smoothly.Suggest you to go in for an ultrasound and find out the status of the pregnancy. Accordingly the doctor will institute the plan of management. Do not worry about now, take rest and do not exert yourself until you see a doctor for the same.Wish you a safe pregnancyRegards