Early Pregnancy question

Patient: So i have the raising suspicion that im pregnant even though the 11th of October is when i last had unprotected sex. its now the 24th. My monthly started on Oct. 4th. ended on the 10th. I am wayyy unsure about my cycle since i have been irregular since i hit puberty. Now i have had a dull cramp- not really painful just bothersome- in the left side around my ovary area and last night i experienced really tiny bits of brown stringy discharge(not a lot at all just teeny tiny bits) also i have been feeling bloated. Im fearing my imagination is just getting ahead of itself since i didnt experience any of this in my first pregnancy. Its not time for my regular until the fourth and prego test said negetive(even though i know its too early to be postive) So i guess my question is is this timeline accurate to what i would be feeling if i were indeed pregnant? Im not even sure what the discharge is considering everyone says implantation bleeding is pink and brown but no one really gives me consistancy of it.