Early Pregnancy Vaginal Discharge smell

Patient: I am 9 weeks pregnant and my vaginal discharge has a different smell. is this normal?

Symptoms: Pregnancy (morning sickness, aches and pains)
Unusual smell vaginal discharge

Doctor: It is normal in pregnancy to have a lot more discharge than before you got pregnant. This is because of the influence of the excess estrogen on the vaginal glands. It is a white, translucent, odourless kind of a discharge that does not cause you any discomfort other than making you feel slightly wet all the time or staining your undergarments.If you are having a foul smelling, greenish yellow discharge it is more likely that you could be suffering from a trichomonal infection. A greyish white discharge with a fishy odour is suggestive of bacterial vaginosis. As certain type of vaginal infections carry a risk of preterm labour it is advisable that you consult your OBGYN immediately if you feel that your vaginal discharge is abnormal. It is hard to diagnose vaginitis just on the basis of the symptoms as they may be quite varied and nonspecific in many women. It would be best to undergo a vaginal speculum examination along with a microscopic examination of the vaginal discharge to know what is source of the infection.