Early Tuesday morning I woke with the flu , so

Patient: Early Tuesday morning I woke with the flu , so Tuesday and Wednesday I didn’t eat as much as I normal would , but I also started my period on Tuesday and found this article on iron deficiency anemia and I have a lot of the symptoms that list like fatigue and weakness, pale fingernails and eyelids . The article also said to contact my doctor and I just wanted to know if it’s okay to wait till morning to make app. (It’s 11:00pm) or should I go to the outpatients ?

Doctor: Hi,Welcome to ATD. Thank you for the question.Iron anemia deficiency has a very slow progression and takes a long time to recover. Iron deficiency anemia commonly occurs do dietary deficit of Iron. It is easy to cure and full cure is usually achieved by taking Iron tablets or syrup.If you do not get cured by taking the Iron tablets or syrup, talk to your Doctor. This can happen when you have causes other than dietary causes. Wish that you have a quick recovery. All the best.