Eating a lot in a short period of time

Patient: Hello,I am a foreign student that came from Albania, Europe, last July 2013.Since I came I realized that the food was different and most of it, almost all was I started eating and eating without caring at all about my weight.I know that this problem started since I was home, but now has increased.I feel homesick most of the time and a little bit stressed from the culture shock.What I usually do, I try to not overeat, eat properly a meal and the next meal I eat a 4000-5000 calories and I can’t stop eating..when I eat a lot of sweet I don’t feel anything, I just eat and eat..and that’s what happens with salty foods as well..I need help! I have gained 25 pounds since I have been here ­čÖü

Symptoms: headache, stomach sore, swollen eyes, depressed, dry and itchy skin, hair loss